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Don't buy blind ... Our experienced, licensed, and certified Columbus home inspectors are here to inspect on your behalf!

NO bait and switch pricing ... We charge a flat-rate inspection fee based on square footage. $325 for homes up to 2,000 square feet. 

A detailed inspection report is an invaluable tool to use when negotiating real estate transactions. Any defects or issues uncovered during the home inspection can provide you and your agent an upper hand when negotiating the final price.

You (and your agent) will receive a full-color report of our findings delivered via an electronic digital inspection report within 24-hours of the property inspection.

Call now for availability and to schedule. Prices subject to change (Hurry ... availability is limited).

*We are certified and licensed in Ohio, and we're locally owned and operated.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises - Here's What We Inspect!

Pre-purchase inspections are the most common type of inspection. This inspection is designed to give a home buyer an indication of the ‘true condition’ of a home they are purchasing.

To do this we inspect every aspect of the interior and exterior components of your home.

  • General condition of walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors.
  • All visible fixtures, pipes, valves and drains in the plumbing system tested or inspected for operation and installation.
  • Electrical System including service entrance wiring, service panel and visible wiring inspected.  Random testing of outlets.
  • Furnace and components operated and checked for proper sequencing, cleanliness, improper maintenance or the lack of maintenance.
  • Inspect the attic for damage to visible roof sheeting & framing, and for proper ventilation & insulation.
  • Foundation for defects and evidence of moisture penetration.
  • Grading & landscaping and their effects on the foundation.
  • General condition of siding, trim, windows and storms/screens.
  • Condition of roof, chimney, flashings, and any other roof items.
  • Condition of gutters & downspouts and their effectiveness.
  • Driveway, patio, deck, porch and sidewalk conditions.
  • Condition of air conditioner condenser unit.

*Call now - availability goes away quickly in this area. Prices subject to change

See What Our Clients Say

I cannot say enough great things about my house inspection! Pat was unbelievably knowledgeable, informative, kind and all around fantastic! This is our first home buy and Pat answered every question gladly. I’m so impressed with our service.

I will definitely be recommending Pat and company to all friends and family! Thank you so much for everything!

Vic Victorious


Pat Bruce presented himself as a homeowner and understood the importance of being thorough with his inspection. My wife and I were renting this home and found out the owner was going to put the home up for sale. We like the area and being close to our daughters house, we wanted to stay put.

We both felt getting an inspection would give us a good idea of what we could expect as to repairs now and into the future. The first place Pat started was the basement and that was where it ended.

Pat was very honest and pointed out major concerns in the basement. Based on his years of experience, he gave us an idea of potential repair cost and advised us to get a professional contractor in for an estimate, which he felt was going to be costly.

Pat felt going any further with inspection at this point was unnecessary until a purchase agreement was settled on. Because inspection wasn't completed. Pat reduced the price of inspection. I can only say, thank you, Pat, for being honest.

I would recommend Pat to anyone wanting to deal with an honest and fair guy.

Jimmy Klein


Pat reached out within an hour or so of me submitting an inspection request through AngiesList/HomeAdvisor. While I couldn't take the call, he gave an initial quote in the voicemail he left with next steps and what information to have ready.

During my follow-up call, he was very helpful, straightforward, and respectful of our time and money given his recommendations. He was also able to fit us into his schedule quickly, which was helpful as our inspection period was fairly short. We're enormously appreciative of this and helped alleviate a lot of stress from something that is inherently stressful.

The inspection itself was incredibly thorough and he took his time, which was huge to us as first-time homebuyers. He pointed out nearly every observation he made, both positive and negative, and answered every question with an explanation of why it mattered to him and the implications of those issues down the line. He even fielded some questions about potential future renovations and recommendations in addition to timetables as to what should be replaced or repaired.

Overall he was thorough, patient, and personable, and I would recommend him without a doubt. The report we received was well-documented and easy to digest which I think really helped us when it came to prioritizing during remediation. Even after the inspection was complete, he was responsive and prompt with additional reports while we were waiting on the radon test results.

I was dreading the inspection from the beginning of our home search, even before we found a property we were interested in. Pat helped put both of us at ease, made the process fun and engaging but still informative and empowering to us as buyers - can't really ask for much more in this market.

Geoff Stein


*We are certified and licensed in Ohio, and we're locally owned and operated.

Why You Should Choose Master Building Inspectors

Let this experienced Columbus Home Inspection company help keep you from buying a money pit. We’ll alert you to any and all health or safety issues.

Master Building Inspectors will be your home buying advocate! We're committed to providing you with outstanding service.

Pat Bruce owns and operates Master Building Inspectors. He has professional Licenses and is a certified home inspector.

Additionally, he takes pride in his commitment to following high standards and providing professional service to all of his customers.

Pat Bruce,
Certified Professional Inspector

*We are certified and licensed in Ohio, and we're locally owned and operated.

A Few Issues Uncovered During Recent Inspections

We routinely come across things that could affect you if unchecked ... Let us be your eyes!

For the home buyer, having a good understanding of the condition of a property is crucial to making informed decisions during a real estate transaction.

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